《 May I Invite Danny and Jenny?》教学设计

摘要: 《 May I Invite Danny and Jenny?》教学设计


  知识与技能:掌握下列单词:come, go ,invite, leave for, arrive in掌握下列句子:a. May I invite ___? b. This is ____. c. When do you leave/ arrive?




  1. 向别人发出邀请。2. 打电话中所涉及到的基本语言。




  一、Class opening:

  1. Greeting.

  2. Review the sentences: May I go to ______? When is it?

  二、New Concepts:

  1. Introduce: Explain the new words “invite” use a word card.

  2. Practice: Ask the students to practice the dialogue. (About “come” and “go”.)

  3. Listening: Play the tape, ask them to listen and answer the questions.

  a. Note “leave” and “arrive”. Can anyone guess what they mean?

  b. What does Li Ming want to do?

  c. How does Mrs. Li talk to Mrs. Smith?

  d. Where is Mrs. Smith?

  e. Can Jenny come on the trip?

  f. Can Danny come?


  4.Role–play: Check the students, give the good ones


  5.Create situation use the sentences constructions.


  三、Class closing

  To recite the text. (Practice in fours.)


  Lesson 19 : May I Invite Danny and Jenny ?

  come When do you leave for ?

  go When do you arrive in(at) ?

  leave 和leave for区别

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