《Lesson14 :Shopping in Beijing》教学设计

摘要: 《Lesson14 :Shopping in Beijing》教学设计


  能力目标: Review the phrase: Let's go to the — to —.

  知识目标:Review the phrase: Let's go to the — to —.

  情感目标:Encourage the students to make their own observations about the pictures and the story.


  三、教具、学具:Same real photographs.


  Class Opening and Review


  Hello, everyone!

  2、Play “Charades” to review the phrase : Let's go to the — to —.

  Let's go to the shop to buy .

  Let's go to the restaurant to eat .

  Let's go to the library to read a book.

  Let's go to the gym to play .


  Demonstrate: everyone with volunteers .

  Ask for a series of volunteers to come to the front of class. Ask each to

  perform an action loudly or quietly.

  Teacher: (point to each volunteer in turn.)

  What is he /she doing?

  Class: He/she is _____ing.

  Teacher: Is he/she ____ing loudly or quietly?

  Class: Loudly/Quietly.

  Teacher: (To all t Is he/she ____ing loudly or quietly?he volunteers. ) Stop!

  Please —loudly / quietly now! (To the class.)

  Look! Everyone is ____ing loudly/quietly.

  Use the student book and audiotape.

  Review the story so far 、last time, Jenny, Danny and Li Ming were at the Palace

  Museum. What happened? Look at pictures. What are they doing now? (shopping )

  why ? Tell them to continue the action until I give a command.

  They must listen carefully! Then lead a dialogue.


  Divide the class into small groups. Ask each group to make up a dialogue about shopping for gifts on a trip.

  Play: Mother, May I ? to review adverbs from this unit. (quickly, slowly,

  loudly and quietly).

  Use the activity book.

  Check for understanding.

  Class Closing Activity book Lesson 14 No.1


  Lesson14 :Shopping in Beijing

  Let's go to the — to —.

  What is he /she doing?

  He/she is _____ing.

  Is he/she ____ing loudly or quietly?

  Is he/she ____ing loudly or quietly?

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