摘要: 2015小升初英语作文必背篇(三)

21.   OnMoney

    Money is considered by many people as themost important thing in life. With money, they can go wherever they please anddo whatever they want. With money, they can buy a fine house, fashionableclothes and so on. In a word, money can make people comfortable and bring themhappiness.

      However, money is also the source of allcrimes and brings them misery. Since money is so tempting, quite a few peopleare attracted by it and begin to go astray. To get more money, they gamble,steal, rob or do many other evil things, for "money makes the marego". As a result, money leads them to jail.

Ofcourse money is useful and desirable, yet we should make money in proper wayand spend our money on proper things.

22.   MyFirst Year at college

Ihave been in the college for one year. My college life here is pretty .

Theteachers in my college are very knowledge. They not only teach me what’s on thetextbooks, but also   show me how to be agood person. The major courses as well as optional courses enhance my knowledgeand broaden my views. Besides, the library of our university provides me withbooks and resources so that I can read extensively.

Besidesgetting good education here, I also take part in many after-school activities.For example, I am a player on the university football team, and I also do somevolunteer work at weekends.

Sportsare my favorite, such as jogging, basketball, swimming, tennis, table tennis,soccer, badminton and so on. They help me relax after class and build a strongbody.

     I like making friends with all myclassmates, my roommates and others.  Ilove learning from my friends.

     I enjoy my college life and I am veryglad and proud to learn and live on our beautiful campus.

23.   PrivateCars in China

Astime develops, there are many large changing happening in people ‘s lives.Being like other West countries, private cars begin to be very popular in ourcountry Certainly, there must be many things following with it. Maybe it isgood for our society, or maybe it is harmful.

Now,I’d like to announce some not mature opinions. In our lives, especially in thiscentury, time becomes more and more important Buses seem to be more bulky thanthe private cars. We can go anywhere which we like immediately in our own car.But, if you come to wait for a bus, it will take your much time, and it’s morelikely to be no seats. In this hand, you must choice the convenient way to buya private car for yourself.

Butdo you ever think the harms for the society. I will bring you some examples.When the time develops that time that everyone has their own car, all the roadswill be filled up by the cars. And there isn’t place for you to remove. Whatwill be performed in the earth is obvious. This is not in the least. When thecar is flooding, the waste gas will be exhausted everywhere, so that the air weare living in will be polluted seriously. Are you agree with my opinions. Now, I’dlike to make you some place to think over what I said about the private cars.

24.   MyStudy Plan

Anew semester is coming, in order to study English well, I make a study plan.First, try to remember 20 words from dictionary everyday. Second, go over grammarpoints I have learnt in English class regularly. Third, form a habit of readingan English article in China Daily every day. Fourth, write an Englishcomposition every week and ask teacher to revise that for me to improve thewriting level. Fifth, listen to English radio as often as possible to improvemy listening.

25.   MyFavorite Food

Ilike many different kinds of foods, among them, egg is my favorite. Eggcontains a lot of essential nutrients needed by the human body. Eggs are ovalshaped spheres with a light brown color. Egg is the basic ingredient to manydishes, like omelet and French toast. You can easily get eggs at anysupermarket, and they are sold for a very cheap price too. Besides the cheapprice, egg contains lots of nutrients and is a very good source of energy. Inconclusion, egg is my favorite food.

26.   MyTeacher/ A teacher to remember

MyEnglish teacher is Miss Huang. She is a beautiful lady. There is always a smileon her face.

MissHuang likes singing. She is good at playing the piano. In the evening, shealways sits in front of the piano and plays nice music. She is a good dancer,too. Sometimes she teaches us dancing. Miss Huang likes dogs very much becausethe dog is very friendly and cute. Her favorite color is blue, because blue isthe color of the sky and the sea.

Sheis my favorite teacher. Our classmates all like her very much.

27.   ADay to Remember

Itwas Sunday. Our teacher Mr. Zhu led us to a park nearby. Usually we go to thepark to spend our holiday. But today we went there to take part in voluntarylabor.

Wegot there at nine o’clock. Mr. Zhu divided us into three groups and then webegan working. Group One was responsible to plant trees and water flowers.Group Two were busy collecting litter left by the tourists. I was in GroupThree. We went to the children’s playground and cleaned all the equipmentthere. We worked very hard. At about eleven we finished work. We all were tiredbut very happy. I will never forget the day in my memory.

28.   AnUnforgettable Experience

Amongmany exam experiences, I still remember what happened in the final exam lastterm.

           In the past I always felt nervousat the beginning of exams. And because of this, I never gave the bestperformance.. But in the last final exam, when I got the paper, I was surprisedto see some warm words on the paper, "Hi, everyone. Believe in yourselfand you will do best. Good luck." Seeing these words, the feeling ofnervousness soon disappeared and I became confident. I did best that time.

Eversince then, whenever I have exams, these simple but warm words always encourageme and make me feel confident.

29.   AboutTelevision

Televisionhas its good as well as bad sides. It makes us informed of daily news, lets usknow the outside world, provides lessons for learners, and it has brought joyand interest into people’s lives.

Unfortunately,some television programs have been extremely harmful to the young. Violentmovies are shown on TV programs. Children regard the murders as heroes ormodels, so they imitate. Therefore there happened many murders or shootingcases in American campuses. What a big harm.

Soyoung people should learn to get ride of the bad influences of TV and learn tomake use of the advantages that TV brings us.

30.   HowI Spend My Spare Time

Themost important duties of college students are studying. But besides studying,we should also enjoy a good life in our leisure time. There are many ways ofspending the spare time. My ways are as follows.

     First of all, I spend about half of myleisure time is listening to music. In this way, I can thoroughly relax myselfboth physically and mentally; thus, I am able to study well in the future.Secondly, I consume part of my spare time by doing some exercises.  Basketball is my favorite sports game.  Jogging will keep me fit.  Finally, reading is necessary.  A good book can take me to a mysterious placewhere I have never been to.

Theseare the major ways I spend my spare time. Of course, I won't forget "Time is money".  After my spare time, I will come to study atonce.

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